PeterBaldePeter Balde (Instructor - Tai Chi)


Hello, I have had the pleasure of practicing Tai-Chi for over 20 years and teaching at the Martial Arts Education Centre for over 10 years

Like many others and maybe yourself, I have always been fascinated watching people do Tai-Chi, its slow graceful flowing movements.  For myself I was looking for some regular exercise and to gain some more flexibility, for general health and help ease my aches and pains from some previous injuries.

I began my own journey, discovering it went beyond the physical, it was training and gaining awareness of both mind and spirit as well.  With the understanding of this connection between body, mind and spirit you can experience “Meditation in motion”, which is my favourite short description of Tai-Chi.

Training with regularity and intention you learn to understand and appreciate ones own yin and yang, with this you create balance within and around you.

Confidence, harmony, patience and flexibility are some of the gains I have had over the years whilst training, and I am sure these and more are available to you through Tai - Chi.

With a greater understanding of myself I have become more open and less judgemental of others. With openness we may all have more acceptance and appreciation of each other.