ashleyjohnsonAshley Johnson (Instructor - Karate, Jujitsu, Kobudo)

My training started at the age of 15 with a pamphlet in the mail for Dr Nigel Farrier’s Jujitsu school following an interest peaked by the matrix movies.

Under the watchful eye of both Nigel Farrier and Roy Smith I studied until damaging my anterior cruciate ligament in a soccer incident (no, they still lost the game without me). This saw a hold on my training, especially the ability to hold, grapple or throw in class. But not all was lost, with requiring stability back in my legs I commenced my training in Shotokan based Karate as well, allowing the stance and footwork to assist my recovery.

Further to studying both Jujitsu and Karate, my studies have also allowed me to train under the Matayoshi family of Okinawa, with their style of Kobudo. This combination gave me distance fighting with my hands and feet, grappling arts when in close to my opponent and weapon manipulation when I added an object.

Having a constant love for studying and weak-point-training (working on what you aren’t good at to better yourself) my schooling lead me to study in Kenpo, Jodo and Iaido, while happy to dabble in any and all styles. Most recently I have been able to combine many of my studies together while training and teaching close quarters combat.

Always a student and learning, I am also happy to pass on my knowledge to others. I find great pleasure in both.