Karate (Shotokan)

Our Shotokan based Karate utilises Kata and 2 person drills as well as the bunkai (applications) of the Kata

Karate (Goju)

Our Goju Ryu style of Karate is Shorei Kan and has all the usual Goju Ryu elements such as basics and kata

Japanese Jujitsu

Japanese Jujitsu involves throws, locks, chokes, escapes and takedowns as a full form of self defence


Brazilian Jujitsu is a ground wrestling sport style martial art taught by a fully qualified black belt instructor and 3 classes per week


Matayoshi Kobudo is from Okinawa and studies many different types of weapons including Bo, Sai, Tunkua and many more

Tai Chi

Tai Chi can be described as 'meditation in motion' and is from the Chen style.  Morning classes available twice a week

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