Benefits of Martial Arts

There is a reason why Oprah, Dr Phil, Tony Robbins, paediatricians and child psychologists around the world say that martial arts is one of the best activities parents can get their kids into.

Its not just self defence but a hole range of benefits that will help your child.  Improved health and fitness, athletic enhancement, increased confidence, better concentration, better behavior, more courteous and respectful; martial arts can help in all these areas.

If you only get your child to learn two things I would suggest learning to swim and learning a martial art be the two.

Lets look at some of the benefits of martial arts training that may be obvious and not so obvious:

  1. Self Defence : Whilst it may be an obvious fact that they will learn this what is not so obvious is the fact that whilst learning this they are learning to fight so they will not have to.  They will carry themselves more confidently and so will be much less likely to be victims of bullying, assault and general predatory behaviour
  2. Health  and Fitness : Strength, flexibility and endurance are all enhanced by martial arts training.  We are frequently informed in the media that there is an obesity epidemic.  Getting into sport is one way of combating this.  the exercises in traditional martial arts helps all three of these areas and therefore helps improve general well being
  3. Concentration : Very few activities help improve concentration like martial arts can.  It exercises the mind, body and spirit all in one and improves their concentration.  This will help in other areas of life such as schooling
  4. Self Confidence : All children will show an improved confidence level because there are no 'bench-sitters' as in other sports.  All children participate all the time and so all will reap the benefits
  5. Respect and Courtesy : A major part of any traditional martial arts school is learning the art of respect.  We start and finish the classes with demonstration of respect and it continues during the class as well.  This is much more likely to be instilled in your child at a traditional martial arts school as opposed to some of these modern MMA type schools

So remember that martial arts training at the right school can be of great benefit to your child.  Do not forget that it can help adults in exactly the same way!!