Martial Arts Education Centre offers the highest quality of martial arts instruction. Since 1996 when chief instructor Dr Nigel Farrier first started teaching, we have provided superior service to our students and have assisted them in achieving their goals of black belt and beyond. Our 20 years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best martial arts school in the area. We believe we are now one of the most professional and traditional martial arts schools in the Peel region as well as having the best mat training area and facilities.

All our instructors have to meet a minimum set of standards and are required to have a Senior First Aid Certificate, a Working With Children Clearance and be approved by the Chief Instructor.  As part of our Leadership Development Program some of the younger students are learning how to become the instructors of the future and help out teaching some of the classes.  We do NOT allow our junior students to teach the classes on their own and are always supervised.

We offer classes in several different styles - a Shotokan based Karate, a Goju Ryu karatye, Japanese style Ju Jitsu, BJJ, Hapkido, Tai Chi and Matayoshi (Okinawan) Kobudo.  As we are proud of our reputation we invite all new students to have their first week free of charge.  This way you can see what it is we offer and can find out your preferred style or styles that you wish to train in.